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"Such a great place with kind people who really care about your treatment "
Jan 12, 2024
"I am a DPT and I took my Mom to Jawaorski PT at her request because they came highly recommended from former patients and she had been a patient in the past and only wanted to go there. Their clinic is friendly, professional, patient, and provide one-on-one care with their patients. Her therapist team worked together to help improve her balance and strength after a functional decline from COVID restrictions. I really appreciated how much time they spent with her and how patient they were. Thank you for improving her quality of life!"
Jul 05, 2022
"Everything at Jaworski PT was top notch! Easy to schedule appointments, friendly staff and therapists who were knowledgeable, caring and only wanted the best for my daughter. They got her back on the basketball court stronger than ever after her surgery. "
Nov 13, 2021
"I've been to JPT for rehab from two different surgeries, and if a future need arises they're the folks I'll trust again. You're treated with kindness and respect from the moment you walk in the door, and the professionalism and expertise of the staff is truly first rate. "
Jul 28, 2021
"For anyone looking for a physical therapist, i highly recommend Jaworski’s. In the past 2 years, I have gone there for 2 different sessions (2 different issues). Both times, I have been pleased with the results. Thank you to Sally for urging me to continue my exercises and keeping me motivated. It is all worth it with the end results! "
Nov 24, 2020
"I searched carefully for my first physical therapy experience. JPT was recommended by a friend, and my experience exceeded all my expectations! I consider going to JPT to be one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I learned and achieved things that will keeping on changing my life! "
Oct 24, 2020
"I have been helped immensely by my therapists! So glad my insurance allows me to come here!!"
Apr 21, 2020
"I really liked working with everyone associated with Jawoski Physical Therapy. I will highly recommend them to everyone. "
Apr 21, 2020
"A great group of people!! Joe and Kim made a difficult time for me more bearable (both years). Great staff. "
Apr 21, 2020
"So pleased with all of the staff-almost hated to go. Like Family. Thank you for everything. "
Apr 21, 2020
"The facilities of the center are in very good conditions and complete. The professionalism and level of confidence provided by the therapist (Kimberly) helped me to perform the exercises in an effective manner, which resulted in postitive results. "
Apr 21, 2020
"I felt my therapy was successful and that I came away better educated about my ailment. The compassion and sincere interest to help me achive my goal was the top priority exhibited by Kim. I also appreciated my therapy was concluded based on progress and not insurance! This illustrates total customer/client interest! "
Apr 21, 2020

“Everyone on the staff was knowledgeable and professional. You know how to “do it right”. I was afraid I wouldn’t come back as well from my injury. I am doing great and still exercising. I am 99% back”


“I enjoyed coming into the office for each appointment. Scheduling was easy and I was always seen promptly. My therapist was fantastic and she had a gentle approach. Made me feel comfortable with her sense of humor and positive attitude”


“I worked with the same therapist the whole time I had therapy. She was awesome. She was easy to talk to and the time went by fast. ( I had Rotator cuff). The 10 weeks flew by. I was sad I had to end it. I will refer her to anyone who may need therapy. Your office staff is also awesome and friendly! Thanks for making me better.”


“This is my first choice for PT. I was here before after a car accident. I knew I would get the help and care I needed. My therapist explains what we are doing, why and how it will help. She encouraged me to do my exercises at home. The whole staff seems to be in place to help. Makes for a great atmosphere. Thank you for a wonderful wellness place. I can’t say enough good things about you. Thank you and God Bless”


“I just want to thank my therapists for everything the staff is wonderful.”


“My visits were always a good experience and I am able to do more with my arm and shoulder. Still doing prescribed exercises and hope to keep improving.”


“My therapist was always cheerful and very interested in helping me to recover and adapt the way I do things to prevent future problems. I would recommend her to anyone I know needing therapy. Your receptionist was also cheerful and always attempted to schedule my appointments at convenient times for me. Your facility was a wonderful overall experience for me.”


“I wanted to comment that all the therapists and other staff are very nice and became like friends to me.”


“Everyone was so kind and personable. It felt like home. I would recommend coming I where for anyone who was looking. Also I would return with no hesitation. Great place to be!”


“I have come her many times. It is just like a big happy family.”


“Beth and Ann were both great. The improvement was really noticeable by family and friends. I will continue to use the exercises that I learned.”


“I was very happy and satisfied with everything.”


“Thanks so much, I am fixed.”


“I could not have had better treatment anywhere else. Thank all of you very much”

“My therapist was very encouraging and knowledgeable about my problem.”


“Thank you for your care, I enjoyed my experience”


“This was my second time coming here for an injury. I would highly recommend you to


“The balance exercises made a huge difference in Mom’s steadiness. And the difference showed within the first week. It continues to be the key to her improvement in continuing to be mobile. Be able to move around on her own (with walker) is the difference in where she is able to live. Now at home with us, or if not mobile in a facility. So I am extremely happy at her progress and feel she will continue to do well.”


“Very pleased with therapy and therapist. Wasn’t sure at first if it would help. How wrong I was. Everyone here was pleasant. Great Job!”


“Can’t say thank you enough!!!”


“Therapists were GREAT!/ Can’t speak highly enough of them.”


“Very well taken care of and very considerate of my problem.”


“You guys are awesome.”

“I was very satisfied with treatments from Mike & Beth.”


“Nice Job!”


“Thank you Rose!”


“The therapy I received was excellent! I’m just sorry I did not come here first! Improved in just two weeks time. So glad I changed.”


“Could not have asked for better care than with Leslie. She was comprehensive, encouraging and realistic about my prognosis. Thank you very much.”


“JPT has helped me a lot over the past year. I am no longer living with back pain that interferes with my daily life. They have also taught me how to avoid pain by implementing simple things like how to sit correctly and what positions to avoid. I am very active and have utilized your services more than once…and I am sure I will be back before its over. I recommend JPT to all of my family and friends. Thank you for running a business where it appears that your employees are happy and excited to help others. It makes a difference. Keep up the good work.”


“Smiles are plentiful and always encouraging.”


“Have had previous therapy. It no way compared with the knowledge and treatment I got here with Barb. I will recommend you to everyone that needs treatment. Many thanks to you and your staff.”


.”Glad I came here. Thanks!”


“Very personal care with Rose & Beth and all the staff.”


“My treatment was exceptional and I have recommended the facility to many.”


“Kim & Israel were great and did wonders for me in a short period of time.”


“It’s nice to know that people really do care about you! I thought Leslie was great!”

“Mike I walked a mile Friday at Sand Ridge Metro Park. Yeah!!!”


“Therapists, therapy and end results all great!”


“This is my 4th or 5th time here and I have always been treated great. This time I feel that Barb and Beth saved me. Thank you, Thank you…”


“My knee is feeling better than before and I am improving fast.”


“My therapist was so helpful and so understanding and I would go back to him if I had to. Also I’ll tell everyone I know this is a great place. People are so nice. Thanks so much and I will keep up the hard work.”


“Very thorough and much care given to be sure I was benefiting from treatment.”

“Thank you. You have helped. I can get around better. I appreciate your help and


“This was a great experience. My therapist was great. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her mannerism made me feel relaxed. I would recommend her and your services to everyone. Thanks so much. God Bless.”


“Good people to work with. They were very helpful. Thanks to all.”


“Barb was great, worked me hard without overworking my knee. No Pain. Great Job!”

“My therapists were phenomenal. They knew when I was getting tired and didn’t push to do more than I could handle. The encouragement they both gave me, well let say it was appreciated. If I have a need for any more physical therapy I will definitely be coming back here. I wish I would have known about this facility 5 years ago when I had my first hip replaced.”


“Thank you Kim & Joe for the great therapy. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to be pain free and feeling so much better.”


“Everyone was very caring. Will miss you.”


“Joe was extremely professional. Was concerned about my pain and consistent with my
treatment. A job well done. Thank you!”


“I have been so pleased with my treatments here. Beth & Ann have done an amazing job teaching me how to do the exercises and why they will help. I am so thankful for the improvement I have experienced. I brag about Jaworski’s to anyone who asks how I am doing. Thank you!”


“Miss Linda Rocks! She totally did great with my daughter and was able to work with her very well. She was very courteous and enthusiastic. We’ll be back in the fall to show her our progess – till then we will continue to work hard on our homework exercises!”

Judy, appreciative parent

“Barb and Israel truly care about their patients and do everything they can to help them get better. They are patient and listen to your concerns.” 


“I am so pleased with this facility that I have sent people here. Thanks Mike, Beth, and Laura!”


“I suffered with being light-headed and having dizzy spells for several years. What a joy and relief it was to have the therapist clear that up. I was able to start using my cane more instead of my walker thanks to Rose and Kim.”